Wedding || Norwich Cathedral || Lucy & Burkhard

Whenever you get an enquiry with a location like this, you know the wedding is going to be pretty epic… couple that with a very lovely bride and groom and you’re really on to a winner. Join me as I share a few moments from their intimate wedding ceremony. This was a half day coverage but wow, did we pack a punch and fit a lot in!


After meeting Burkhard with the usual pre-wedding nerves, Lucy entered the Cathedral cloisters and looked absolutely stunning in her bridal gown from The Frock Spot. She was accompanied by her immediate family and some pretty special handmade bouquets by her Mum – a fabulous touch with beautiful roses and foliage. Poor Lucy had just been stung by a wasp but she was just my sort of bride, nothing was going to get in her way or spoil her day. Fighting spirit right there.


The ceremony was pretty spectacular, with the voluminous space of the chapel filled with the sound of the almighty organ.  You couldn’t help but feel so small, and grabbing shots to show the impressive height of this building were tricky to say the least. Despite limited access during the service itself, several shots were achieved from various angles. I love the way the photos reflect my peeking in on this special moment, because that’s how it should be right, their moment and theirs only.


I joined the newlyweds for their champagne reception in the cathedral cloisters and briefly during their wedding breakfast and speeches, before leaving them to join more friends to celebrate in their own fashion.

Here are a few shots from their day… congratulations once more Dr Lucy and Dr Burkhard.



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